We Combine Fun With The Expressive Art Of Dance To Build Up Every Child’s Self-Confidence With Grace, Dedication, And Discipline.


Every girl deserves the chance to be a princess, every boy a prince. At Bella Ballet, we achieve this as a traditional dance studio with a hint of magic that inspires our kids and helps build their passions, skills, and self-esteem as we “build confident ballerinas one twirl at a time®”.

Bella, the central character in our books, music, costumes, and progressive curriculum are all created by owner and dance veteran Hope MacDonald. Bella was created to ensure that each child is given a strong connection to ballet through a personal tie to this wonderful character.

Bella, an enchanting ballerina, takes ballet and your child’s imagination to a whole new world. Original books and music directly tie into lesson plans, showing each child how they can be a little star with big dreams. Each child can connect with other classic fairy tales and inspiring stories that are so wonderfully brought to life by Bella. Tutus, tiaras, sparkles, and more beyond imagining will be used to celebrate dance and embrace the beauty of dance.

Bella’s quest is to provide a quality dance education to inspire confidence, spark passions, and build self-esteem. Our dancers not only receive technical training, but also acquire the confidence they need to follow their dreams. Bella Ballet fosters a love of dance through our traditional repertoire, fairy tale environment, and beautiful costumes worthy of the prima ballerina assolutaBella continually demonstrates positive values to build up strong and confident dancers. By providing our students with a positive role model, we can encourage “princess etiquette” that empowers our dancers with leadership skills, positive values, and respect, kindness, and love for all.


A major focus of our studio is giving back to the community. Our philanthropic work gives us the opportunity to teach our students the importance of giving back. Even with small acts of kindness through our ‘Sparkle of Kindness’ initiative. We work with local charities throughout the year through several campaigns. 

A few charities nearest and dearest to us are: