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With such a successful first season of “The Bellas” in the books, we are looking forward to another wonderful year with the Bellas in our 2018-2019 season! The Bellas are a non-competitive, all inclusive dance team designed to foster each child’s love of dance by refining our dancers technique, exposing them to multiple styles of dance, and providing them with exclusive performance and educational opportunities throughout the year. Our dance team will learn that hard work and dedication really does pay off, and that being part of a team is such a rewarding experience!

This year, we will be expanding our dance team by holding two Bellas rehearsals during the week, one on Wednesday’s from 4:30-5:25pm, the second on Wednesday’s from 5:30-6:25pm. Though each rehearsal has a designated age group, we will be holding full group rehearsals periodically throughout the year, especially come recital time, as well as using each rehearsal time for designated recital numbers come January. That being said, if you wish to be a part of the Bellas Dance Team, we ask that you are available between 4:30-6:25pm on Wednesday’s. We will be sending out monthly rehearsal schedules so everyone is informed on which rehearsals (4:30, 5:30, or both), your child is required to attend. Most weeks, especially during the months of September-December, your dancer will attend the rehearsal time designated to their age group.

Our Bellas age groups and regularly scheduled rehearsals are as follows:

Wednesday 4:30-5:25 – Bellas (1st-3rd grade), requires 2 years at Bella Ballet or an evaluation, student must be enrolled in a ballet and at least one other class

Wednesday 5:30-6:25 – Bellas (3rd-5th grade), requires 3 years at Bella Ballet or an evaluation, student must be enrolled in a ballet Level 2/3 and at least one Level 2 class

Along with weekly rehearsals, our Bellas Dance Team will attend dance intensives, conventions, performances, and community service opportunities throughout the year. We want to encourage our dancers to become involved in the community, and are excited to share this experience with our dance team this upcoming season!

Bellas Tuition:
Bella Company Rehearsal Tuition – $115 per month
Our Bellas Dance Team will receive 10% off the required 2 classes for which they are enrolled, and 15% off any additional classes
Tuition includes 1-2 55 minute rehearsals per week as well as intensives, longer classes, discounted costumes, performance and community service opportunities throughout the year.

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“The Best Teacher”

Miss Hope introduced our 2.5-year-old daughter to dance and she has, by far, been the best teacher our daughter has known. Hope possesses an enthusiasm for dance that is infectious not only for her students, but also for their parents. Her passion for teaching dance is obvious and shines brightest in the classroom where the love shared between her and her students is palpable. Through positive reinforcement and leading by example, she controls her classroom masterfully which results in an experience rich in skill development with lots and lots of fun!

“She clearly has a special talent for working with children…”

Ms. MacDonald clearly has a way with young children. She is patient, energetic and obviously enjoys her profession. Ms. MacDonald took the time to focus on each child individually and provided them encouragement and direction in a manner that was highly conducive to learning and finding great pleasure in the activity. She is adept at translating ballet concepts and techniques into terms children can understand and appreciate. She uses a variety of educational techniques to demonstrate dance concepts, while addressing the multiple learning styles of the children (i.e. reading books, dressing-up, playing “pretend”).

“Creates a wonderful fairytale land that every princess must experience…”

Hope MacDonald of Bella Ballet creates a wonderful fairytale land that every princess must experience. Thank you for making my daughters first exposure to ballet such a memorable experience! She can’t wait for her next class.

“…a beautiful experience for not only our daughter but for our whole family.”

Dancing with Miss Hope is like taking lessons from a real live Disney Princess! From the moment you enter her studio, Miss Hope is larger than life and her energy transfers to the little girls as excitement and love for dancing. Dance instruction is infused with make-believe play in which every girl is a “ballerina princess.” I catch myself peeking into the studio windows to witness the magical fun my daughter is experiencing. This is a fun part about having a little girl!

“You cannot go wrong by choosing Miss Hope and Bella Ballet as your child’s dance studio”

If you are looking for an amazing and confidence building dance studio for your little one, you have come to the right place! Hope is so great with the kids and so professional. She has an awesome ability to be gentle yet firm during class. The kids really respond to her and adore her. We are blessed to know Hope outside of the studio and I can honestly say she is a young woman who has an exciting future ahead of her! She is kind and giving and truly loves to teach.

Miss Hope is an amazing ballet teacher!

My daughter just loves her and looks forward to her class each week. She has learned so much in short period of time and I even catch her practicing on her own. You can truly see how much Miss Hope cares for each of her students and adjusts her teaching style to fit each student’s needs. My daughter has just bloomed since she started Miss Hope’s ballet class.

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