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Important Information for 2018-2019 Families

Our studio is separated into two sections, our lobby and the dance studio, by a black curtain. We ask you enter through our lobby door which faces Booth street next to Giuseppes Pizza. Parents are not required to stay for classes with ages 3 and up however, we do ask that you stay for the first two classes to make sure your princess is comfortable. If you would like to stay, our family friendly lobby is equipped with a new, larger, closed circuit television for parents to watch their princess as well as children books. We ask all parents and any siblings remain in the lobby during class.

During the first couple of weeks with a new environment, teacher, and friends, we understand that it can be overwhelming for our little ladies! Often times with big hugs at the beginning of class, walking them to their princess slipper, then returning to the lobby, this sets the tone that mommy or daddy stay in the lobby during class and that it is so exciting that they get to watch their princess on “television”. Most of the time, it is a seamless transition. For some little ones, it takes a couple weeks to get in the swing of things and get in the routine of Bella Ballet classes which is completely understandable for our little angels. During this process, if you can please make sure you stay during class in case there are any “princess tears” that would be wonderful.

If your child for whatever reason comes out into the lobby, we ask that you escort them back into class. If they would like cuddles again, we ask that you sit with your princess in the lobby and have her watch the television for a few moments to get acclimated. If your princess wants you to come into the room, please do so quietly for a few minutes while she is getting comfortable.

We want to try to eliminate children and parents coming in and out of class as much as possible. This helps your angel to get in the routine while limiting distractions for other ballerinas.

Our ballerinas are young. We get it which is why we opened a studio that caters to them! We completely understand the transition as this is the first structured class for some. By working together, we can ensure all ballerinas are focused and confident!

Children must be the age of the indicated class on September 9th. If you have any questions as to what class you think your child should be in, no problem! We are happy to evaluate your princess.

Parent’s are not required to stay for classes ages 3 and up. We ask that you do stay for the very first week of classes just to make sure your princess is comfortable in the new environment! After the first week,feel free to enjoy your forty five minutes to walk around Kentlands, grab a drink at Panera, or a pizza at Guiseppes. If you are wanting to stay, no problem! There is a spacious lobby area for you to wait for your ballerina.

Registration: There is a one time registration fee of $25.00 upon registering for the 2018-2019 Bella Ballet’s Sept-June Season. Summer classes receive a $10.00 registration fee. There is no registration fee for Summer Camps.

Tuition: Weekday tuition ($950.00) and weekend tuition  ($980.00) are divided evenly across the 10 months of the season for your convenience to the amount of $95.00 or $98.00 per month respectively. If you pay in full by September 30, 2018, you will receive a $50.00 discount off the annual tuition.

Recital Fee: There is a $100.00 recital fee for all classes age 3 and up that includes the cost of the recital costume and one ticket to the recital. Our 2018 Dress Rehearsal and Recital dates will be posted on our “Recital” page. Please refer to the “Recital” tab for more information.

Make-up policy: If you miss a class, you can makeup the class within one month of the date of absence. Please note, you must make a reservation for your make-up class.

Withdrawal policy: If for whatever reason you wish to discontinue during the program, no problem! We understand that schedules sometimes change. All we need is thirty days notice and you are good to go!

HAIR: Hair is to be off your princess’s face. Buns are strongly encouraged but not required for children ages 2-4. Children ages 5 and above in our ballet classes, MUST have their hair in a bun. Hip-hop, Musical Theatre, Tap, Poms etc., pony tails are fine however, hair must be out of your child’s face. If unsure how to do a bun, no problem! We will give you a tutorial!

ATTIRE: Your ballerina must wear a ballet leotard, tights, and appropriate shoes to every class. For children 2-5, if they would like to wear their own tutu, they are absolutely welcome to do so! For ages 6 and above, children are welcome to wear ballet skirts as well. Below is the list of classes, click here for the mandatory attire.


“The Best Teacher”

Miss Hope introduced our 2.5-year-old daughter to dance and she has, by far, been the best teacher our daughter has known. Hope possesses an enthusiasm for dance that is infectious not only for her students, but also for their parents. Her passion for teaching dance is obvious and shines brightest in the classroom where the love shared between her and her students is palpable. Through positive reinforcement and leading by example, she controls her classroom masterfully which results in an experience rich in skill development with lots and lots of fun!

“She clearly has a special talent for working with children…”

Ms. MacDonald clearly has a way with young children. She is patient, energetic and obviously enjoys her profession. Ms. MacDonald took the time to focus on each child individually and provided them encouragement and direction in a manner that was highly conducive to learning and finding great pleasure in the activity. She is adept at translating ballet concepts and techniques into terms children can understand and appreciate. She uses a variety of educational techniques to demonstrate dance concepts, while addressing the multiple learning styles of the children (i.e. reading books, dressing-up, playing “pretend”).

“Creates a wonderful fairytale land that every princess must experience…”

Hope MacDonald of Bella Ballet creates a wonderful fairytale land that every princess must experience. Thank you for making my daughters first exposure to ballet such a memorable experience! She can’t wait for her next class.

“…a beautiful experience for not only our daughter but for our whole family.”

Dancing with Miss Hope is like taking lessons from a real live Disney Princess! From the moment you enter her studio, Miss Hope is larger than life and her energy transfers to the little girls as excitement and love for dancing. Dance instruction is infused with make-believe play in which every girl is a “ballerina princess.” I catch myself peeking into the studio windows to witness the magical fun my daughter is experiencing. This is a fun part about having a little girl!

“You cannot go wrong by choosing Miss Hope and Bella Ballet as your child’s dance studio”

If you are looking for an amazing and confidence building dance studio for your little one, you have come to the right place! Hope is so great with the kids and so professional. She has an awesome ability to be gentle yet firm during class. The kids really respond to her and adore her. We are blessed to know Hope outside of the studio and I can honestly say she is a young woman who has an exciting future ahead of her! She is kind and giving and truly loves to teach.

Miss Hope is an amazing ballet teacher!

My daughter just loves her and looks forward to her class each week. She has learned so much in short period of time and I even catch her practicing on her own. You can truly see how much Miss Hope cares for each of her students and adjusts her teaching style to fit each student’s needs. My daughter has just bloomed since she started Miss Hope’s ballet class.

Give Us A Call. We Are Here To Help.

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